The long awaited opening of the newly relaunched Home Fragrance department at Harrods is finally here, I couldn’t be more excited.

Many of our clients come to us looking to for help with creating not just a look, but the right atmosphere in their space, whether it’s their home or their business, and I love to incorporate scent as a way of achieving this.

The new department offers fragrances, candles and diffuser by over thirty brands – with consultants on hand to offer their expertise on how to use fragrance as the ultimate tool for personalising the home, amazing if you are a bit of a beginner when it comes to scenting a space.

As part of the new department, one of my absolutely favourite brands, particularly for beauty, Tom Ford, have launched their first ever range of candles. Scents include Tuscan Leather, Tobacco, Vanilla and White Suede.

Tom ford scent

Tom ford

I love the idea of pairing one of these gorgeous fragrances with some really contemporary leather pieces from an Italian brand like Poltrona Frau – we’re working on a residential project at the moment which this could work perfectly for.

I am absolutely fascinated by how the notes of a scent are chosen and combined. I was lucky enough, recently, to meet with Dr. Paola Vranjes – the creator of one of our home fragrance brands – who is a pharmacist, chemist and cosmetologist born in Bologna, and who knows all about how various molecules work in the air; how quickly they burn; for how long they release their aroma – and uses this expertise to create the most beautiful combinations of scents.


Poola Vranjes

Another brand new to the Home Fragrance department is AERIN, by Aerin Lauder, who has launched an beautiful candle collection. Each scent is reminiscent of a destination, from Southern France to Aspen. Plus, each is packaged in its own decorative water colour box – perfect for a romantic room scheme.



 I love using fragrance to underscore the theme of our décor schemes, or to evoke a favourite memory of a client, and AERIN’s travel inspired collection is absolutely perfect for both.


* * *