Our Furniture Planners work collaboratively with you to create room layouts and furniture schemes from our range of in-store brands. We use CAD (computer-aided design) to ensure the space in your home is used to its full potential. CGIs (computer generated images) are available to visualise your
space before implementation.

interior design process

Process Overview

After the initial consultation with Harrods Interiors, the design of your space will be carried out in four stages.

luxury table

Taking the Brief

The process begins with an in-house consultation or phone call, where the Harrods Interiors team can get to know you and find out what you are looking to achieve with your project.
The team can clarify the design style, and take you on a walk around the shop floor to find inspirational pieces. The team will then book a site visit and request floor plans for your property.

interior design layout

Visit Your Property

The next step is to explore furniture, layout and style ideas with the Harrods Interiors team, at your property. By doing this, the way you use your space and the furniture that you need becomes clearer.
The team can also measure the rooms and get a sense of the space.

table lamp

Present Room Layouts & Mood-Boards

Next, an interior stylist and furniture sales associate will work together to select furniture that best meets your needs.
The team will show you layouts, mood boards and selected furniture, so you can offer your feedback, giving the team a chance to revisit any areas that may need rethinking.

installation process

Revealing The Vision

When you are happy with the vision presented by the team, orders for furniture and fittings will be placed and the transformation of your space can really begin.