The team can help you furnish your home with our exclusive collection of furniture packages, ranging from entry-level essentials to more advanced schemes courtesy of the world’s finest furniture designers.


Process Overview

All our furniture packages include pieces available from Harrods Home, where there is an emphasis on quality and functionality as well as design and aesthetics.
After the initial briefing meeting with Harrods Interiors, the selection of your furniture package will be carried out in two simple steps.

Furniture Selection & Room Layouts

After studying your property’s floor plans, we create CAD (computer-aided design) room layouts to help you envisage the finished result. CAD also ensures that your new furniture fits, and that the space in your home is used to its full potential.
Clients can choose to complete the look with the help of our accessories packages. These include kitchenware and window treatments.


Delivery & Installation

Harrods Interiors provide a global white-glove installation service, which prepares a property for immediate occupation. Furniture orders are delivered, unpacked and installed in by the team, who then remove the packaging and leave the space spotlessly clean.
If needed, redundant items can be removed for disposal or recycling.